All About The Security Business


We’re going to talk about business. This is what to look out for when setting up a security guard company.

How they went about when it came to this is interesting. This is just one experience, you can take it or leave it. They actually approached commercial buildings, and what they would do is go to industrial and commercial buildings, and they would offer their assistance, and services. They would consult with management about security and ask them what their problems were. What they were having around their building that they wanted to stop.

If there are no complaints, no people who are soliciting other people, it could be office space with doctors, lawyers, dentists. It could be just people of a profession. If there’s no one causing problems or mischief, which in most buildings there is, when you have offices with lawyers, dentists, and secretaries, there’s usually a lot of foot traffic that are going in and out of those buildings, because of clients.

This friend of mine who did this, they just built relationships with the management. If you could go to industrial and commercial buildings, you could actually get a hold of the management. You would want to schedule an appointment with them, and you can build a security guard business with them.

You can hire staff and employees, and you can work your foot up the ladder from there.

That in the essence is how you can start it.

This is how you can be your own boss and create your own income.