The job of a security guard is to guard and defend the person or place him or she is guarding. How liable is he or she for one’s safety? He is assumed to be liable except in cases he or she cannot control. Being a security guard means sacrifice even if you risk your life for your employer. Though it pays lower compared to police but functions in terms of place given to protect, they must exert same dedication and effort.

Security guards mainly are stationed at buildings like malls, banks and even houses. They can encounter different threats and problems and are expected to deal with it in accordance to their training and standard procedures. Then, again, how liable is a security guard for one’s safety? They must guard the person or building with all their might and will. In consideration we should also understand that security guard is not a peace officer and they are not to apprehend and pursue any person.

They may arrest only when example a person refuse to live to maintain safety.

One of the recently retired employee of an autocad software company once said that “Sometimes because of poor and not good treatment to them they slack in their duties but they should not be blamed as both parties should work together for the certain goal. If you want great service of security then you must take care of them as great employees.