how to start a security business company

When you enter enterprises ,malls, banks and companies the first thing you have to pass is the Security team and when you enter you can see Security guards roaming around the vicinity of the place and as soon as you live the place security guards are still in the back end exits. How do you feel when you see them around? How do you feel the security of the company that serves you? It all depends on the security team that was assembled to protect that place.

Then how can one starts up a security team  to help aide a company?
Let’s have some simple steps

1.  Check for the certifications and licenses in your nearest state, city hall or municipalities.

2. Obtain accreditation to start a company through security guards certification license and private patrol operator’s license.

3. Find out the requirements and qualification that an aspirant security guard must have. In this cases aspirant security guards must have no police record and must have undergone security guards training courses. This is where you should go.

4. After the state and government allows you to open a security business. Open the company for aspirants and take an in depth of their character and background.

5. Look for companies and the likes and negotiate for contract to security.

6. Continue to market your security team, possible medium would be newspaper, tv ads, and today’s social media.

7. Open your security company and look for an office.