4 Ways To Secure Your Home From Intrusion

There are plenty of ways to ensure the security of your home even though you’re on a tight budget. You want to ensure you have your bases covered when securing your home. What can you afford to miss out on? What can you afford to leave out? Here’s a comprehensive list of the most basic security measures you’ll need to take and how they work.

1. Good lighting

By far the cheapest measure, fit your home with motion-sensor lights, and check regularly that they’re working. Put them at vulnerable spots like windows, perimeter walls, etc.

2. Burglar bars

yes, there are plenty of ugly burglar bars, but you really do need them. If you don’t like the caged look of steel, go with invisibars, or something similar.

Remember they should not be used as your only deterrent, but in conjunction with other security measures to give you full coverage.


3. An alarm system

No jokes! It’s easy to set up and some systems are quite affordable. Many break-ins happen in quiet daytime hours and when homes are vulnerable, like when the alarm system is down. Without an alarm, the burglar has the luxury of time and privacy.

4. A good community of neighbors.

You may hate their music or their children’s tennis balls in your yard, but having neighbors looking out for you is both free and incredibly valuable. It’s also good to know your neighbors in an emergency.


If you love dogs, you’re lucky. Dogs are great at deterring burglars because they make a noise or can scare them off.