What is CCTV and what are its Peripherals

Closed Circuit Television known today as CCTV camera are very essential in today’s date. Used for security, allows us to live at ease without worrying much. This is also included in streets to help citizens whether they work at morning or night to have more security while living in their daily lives . CCTV has now touch our lives in more than just simple ways. For example this helps Police to conduct investigation and navigate traffic. Then who should we credit for this discovery and what are its principles.

This discovery can be traced back 74 years ago when Walter Bruch a German engineer designed the First CCTV system but seldom knew about it. His desire for the design is to monitor the V2 Rocket when it was launched in online marketing.20 years later Marie Van Brown a New Yorker invented the CCTV security  she was led to this simple principle of taking a video due to the long response of the investigation of the police after that she built a modified CCTV to monitor anyone in their house vicinity.

What are the Equipment in CCTV

  1. Digital video recorder is the heart of the system the cameras plug in here the video is stored here and the software runs into this unit.
  2. Camera this is use to take the video around the assigned vicinity. You can choose type of camera according to your need.
  3. Monitor Screen

So CCTV has impacted our lives by simplicity of this system now in company, bank and our daily security are now much secured than ever before.